Axel Koschier

Ayami Awazuhara, Beatrice Forchini, Sophie Lapalu, Julia Moebus, Cristina Ramirez, Victoria Wigzell
Axel Koschier

A speculative catalog that shatters the classic genre of artist monograph and embraces interpretation and fiction as an elemental part of an artist's biography. The book has contributions in 6 languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, French) and is a delight for all polyglot readers.
–Ayami Awazuhara
For many years, the artist Axel Koschier has been collecting fill-in forms that became an autonomous part of his artistic work. Although still in use, these forms almost seem like historical artifacts of the way our personal information was collected in a pre-digital era.
“Allgemeinzustand laut hausärztlicher Untersuchung vom 5. Februar 2008 ansonsten gut. Mitunter leicht erhöhte Werte des Blutdrucks untertags während einmaliger Beobachtung unter Langzeit EKG.”
–Julia Möbus
Axel Koschier filled out a large number of the forms and gave this personal information to 6 authors (Ayami Awazuhara, Beatrice Forchini, Sophie Lapalu, Julia Moebus, Cristina Ramirez and Victoria Wigzell) – none of whom knew the artist. Inspired by this data, the authors have written 6 autonomous texts in their native languages.
“The point is, if Axel Koschier was looking for an amenable review, he has not come to the right place.”
–Victoria Wigzell
A fictional portrait emerges, ranging from the artists's early childhood to his psyche. At the end there is not one artist Axel Koschier, but many of them. Of course, only the most polyglot among you can experience all facets of Axel Koschier.
“Adulte, il mit à profit ses capacités pour monter une entreprise de phishing. Il savait comme personne inciter les individus non pas à télécharger un fichier infecté ou cliquer sur un lien, mais à partager des informations sensibles.”
–Sophie Lapalu
About the artist: It remains to be investigated whether the artist Axel Koschier exists at all.
“Le gustan los cuartos de hotel, porque siempre son los mismos. Visitar un mismo museo una y otra vez. Las librerías y el olor a papel nuevo, las barandas de las escaleras de metal, porque le devuelven algo, una señal de existencia.”
–Cristina Ramirez
About the book: 368 pages thick and buttery soft. Printed on a smooth and tear proof paper. Made out of 100% pulp this paper is typically used for packaging and wrapping – and not for book printing. Its special feature is a cloudy transparency, which became an elementary part of the book, as all texts are printed in mirror image and can thus be read through the pages.
“Lavorava molto Axel Koshier? Dormiva la quantità di ore consigliata, dalle sette alle otto ore a notte? Quante sigarette al giorno fumava?”
–Beatrice Forchini

Softcover with flaps, 21 × 28 cm, 368pp, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Italian, design: Astrid Seme, Studio, ISBN: 978-3-903353-11-4

€ 30