Katrin Herzner

Katrin Herzner
OST – The Live Audio Book

Due to the conflict in the East Ukraine OST has stopped for an unpredictable time.

The Live Audio Book OST was the broadcast of Katrin Herzners’ artwork OST. In 2010 Katrin Herzner’s walk in a straight line towards the east began. Solely equipped with a backpack, tent and compass she started in Freiburg (Germany) to cross the Eurasian continent. In 8 stages she has already accomplished a distance of 2500 km and reached Dnieper River in east Ukraine. During the walks the following landline number enables to tune into the immediate events of the journey. By dialing a number one was redirected to Herzner’s microphone where one can listen to her monologues and may experience a work which normally is inaccessible.

Performance, since 2010-2013

Katrin Herzner

A book is created and disappears in the S 41 / 42
“Ringbuch was a performance by Katrin Herzner that combines the writing, publishing and distribution of a book: A blank book was made, only the title, page numbers and the collophon were printed inside. Herzner was writing on the blank pages while riding the tramway Ringbahn around Berlin’s centre. She noted down her passing thoughts and at the end of each ride she pulled out the written pages and left them behind. At the end an empty book resulted. For the spectator only the traces of use on the book cover will recall the time the thirty year old has spent writing down her thoughts without keeping hold of them.” — Dieter Roeschmann

12 × 17cm, 120 pp, one-off, 2010