Billy X. Curmano

Billy X. Curmano
Futurism’s Bastard Son

“He’s the only human being in recorded history to claim the distinction of swimming the entire length of the Mississippi River. He was buried alive for three days in a much ballyhooed effort to bring art to the spirirt world that included a New Orleans-style funeral complete with Christlike resurrection. He once imprisoned himself in a tiger cage to protest the inhumane treatment of POWs in Vietnam. Maverick? Eccentric? Full-blown madman? Billy X. Curmano will be delighted to let you decide.”— Mary Beth Crain, LA Weekly, 1999

22 × 28 cm, 128 pp, edition: 500, design by Astrid Seme Studio, 2012, sold out

Billy X. Curmano
Futurism’s Bastard Son Artist’s Edition

Includes the book and a card-board box with a numbered and signed drawing by the artist.

20 × 40 cm, 1 pp, edition: 50, 2012

€ 120 

Billy X. Curmano
A Volume

“A volume 1 #1 was an experiment. Each contributor was given total artistic freedom within the technical and budgetary limitations of the print format available to us in 1973. The Franklin Speed Press was not exceptionally speedy. It consisted of a single pressman that had access to a commercial print shop after hours. A volume 1 #1 was collated and center stapled one by one by hand. Although I was somewhat pleased with the results, I had originally hoped to produce an alphabet of the volumes, A, B, C and so on and on. But then I realized, at least for the moment, I was satisfied. I came to my senses and moved on.” – Billy X. Curmano

Adopted, 21.5 × 28 cm, 24 pp, edition: 350 or 500, self-published, Milwaukee, 1973 (sold out)