are a selection of artists’ books that have already been (self-) published, but are difficult to be available. We adopt at least some of these rare, forgotten or invisible works to bring them back into daylight.

David Sherry, The Mark Pezinger Adoption Program

Adrien Tirtiaux
Volume 1–3
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Denise Bertschi
We say, we are fine. They say, we are not.
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Nick Oberthaler & Dino Zrnec
Closed Circuit / Zatvoreni Krug
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Stephanie Saadé

Albert Allgaier
the international festival for nothing
Sold Out

Sold Out

Adnan Balcinovic
Dylan Dog
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Rodrigo Hernández

Jozef Wouters
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Romain Gandolphe
une semaine dans une cimaise

Andrew Gannon

Sebastian Utzni
A is for Allah

Audun Mortensen
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David Sherry
Living by Numbers
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Hana Miletić
Coif Mode
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Jonas Fechner

David Sherry
Serial Psycho Interviewee
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Billy X. Curmano
A volume 1#1
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Silvia Bächli & Eric Hattan
4 Augen sehen mehr als 2
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Silvia Bächli & Eric Hattan
Lichtstreifen, 461 aus ∞
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Jonas Fechner

Michael Ebert Hanke
Circle Against All Oddities
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