growing up is giving up

Mark Pezinger Verlag & Hana Miletic at ROSA BRUX, Brussels

February 21, 19h

At ROSA BRUX Mark Pezinger Verlag and the artist Hana Miletić (b. 1982, Croatia) will present their first collaboration YOUR FAÇADES ARE PEELING OFF LIKE RED ONIONS. The publication is based on a collection of photographs that the artist has made over the years of amateur graffiti on the city walls in Zagreb. Documenting and editing these ‘writings on the wall’ helped the artist to understand what is at stake on a (micro)political level in her hometown. At the same time this writing is often articulated as poetic wordplays and aphorisms. By isolating the words from their usual environment and by expanding them onto the pages of a book Miletić is able to amplify their more basic qualities. Therefore the book resembles a volume of concrete or minimal poetry. During the evening the text will be read by the artist Pierre Silverberg.


In parallel, Mark Pezinger Verlag will present their project ADOPTIVES that offers a new home to self-published publications, as often self-published works are hard to distribute and to access. In order to make these “forgotten“ publications visible Mark Pezinger Verlag adopts and integrates them into the program to distributes them. With ADOPTIVES by Audun Mortensen, David Sherry, Hana Miletic and many more.